Glossary of Terms

A&EAccident and Emergency
AHPAllied Health Professional - clinical healthcare professionals distinct from medicine and nursing
anticipatory carecare which seeks to anticipate and prevent health problems before they develop
avoidable admissionMedical diagnosis for which hospitalisation could have been avoided if community / primary / ambulatory care had been provided in a timely and efficient manner.
BMABritish Medical Association
care pathwayDescription of the journey taken (or intended to be taken) through a service. It can sometimes be seen as defined route and set of treatment designed to meet the particular need of a patient within a given locality.
CHI NumberCommunity Health Index Number
CHP (CHCP)Community Health Partnership (Community Health and Care Partnership) - Committees set up by and reporting to Health Boards with devolved responsibility for primary care functions within a specific geographical area. CHPs also operate as the Board's primary method of engagement with staff, patients and partner organisations. In some areas the CHP function has been formally merged with the local social work functions, and are usually known as CHCPs
CPPsCommunity Planning Partnerships - Community Planning partnerships bring together key partners to enable them to act as a 'bridge' to link national and local priorities better. This should be a three-way process whereby local Community Planning partnerships can influence national direction, but also can help to co-ordinate the delivery of national priorities in a way that is sensitive to local needs and circumstances. Local or neighbourhood priorities should also be able to influence the priorities at the Community Planning partnership level.
continuous careensuring the continuity of care given or information to ensure a undisrupted service
COSLAConvention of Scottish Local Authorities
end of life carepalliative care provided to support people at the end of their lives
intermediate carecare provided at a level in between GPs and acute hospitals [There are a range of similar but distinctly more detailed definitions for intermediate care which can cause confusion when planning and delivering services. For further information on this see -]
ISDInformation Services Division
JITJoint Improvement Team
JFUJoint Futures Unit
LALocal Authority
LTCLong-Term Condition – a medical condition that requires ongoing medical care, limits what one can do, and is likely to last longer than one year
MCNManaged Clinical Network - A network of a range of health staff and organisations from primary, secondary and regional health care working together to make sure that high quality clinically effective services are fairly distributed. Involving patients with experience of the particular illness is an important part of MCNs development.
NESNHS Education Scotland
NSDNational Services Division
OOHOut of Hours - a phrase used to describe the period when normal GP surgery is closed evenings), during the night, week-ends and public holidays.
PACSPicture Archiving and Communication Systems
PPFPublic Partnership Forum
QIS(NHS) Quality Improvement Scotland
RCGPRoyal College of GPs
RCMRoyal College of Midwives
RCNRoyal College of Nurses
SBCShifting the Balance of Care
SCVOScottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
SGScottish Government
SGHDScottish Government Health Directorates
SHOWScottish Health On the Web
Single Shared AssessmentThe Single Shared Assessment and Carer’s Assessment extend the opportunities to involve a range of staff and agencies in assessment, and stresses the principle that the most appropriate professional should be responsible for carrying out the assessment, co-ordinating any other contributions, and identifying the support or resources needed.
SPARRAScottish Patients at Risk of Readmission and Admission - SPARRA is a risk prediction algorithm, developed by ISD to identify patients aged 65 years and over at greatest risk of emergency inpatient admission.
SPGStrategic Partnership Group
SOLACESociety of Local Authority Chief Executives
SPACEStrategic Policy Analysis Collaborative
SWIASocial Work Inspection Agency
Third Sectorgeneric term for charities, voluntary organisations and similar
Uniteone of the largest unions in the United Kingdom, with significant membership within the care giving services