By Shifting the Balance of Care (SBC) we aim to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Scotland by increasing our emphasis on health improvement and anticipatory care, providing more continuous care and more support closer to home. This requires a partnership approach between the NHS, Local Authorities and the third sector. You may like to download this leaflet explaining What is SBC? [84Kb].

Community Health Partnerships play a key role as they bring together professionals with communities, providing a local forum for discussion between people and Health Care Workers, Social Workers, Independent Contractors, Specialists, Housing and Voluntary Sector organisations.


The SBC Delivery Group has led the development of an improvement & resource framework, aiming to facilitate more significant, more visible, more measurable and better-coordinated improvements in relation to SBC.

Improvement Framework


The SBC Delivery Group have defined what SBC means and identified some of the priorities for change. They are working towards removing barriers to change in conjunction with other ongoing initiatives and policy areas, such as Emergency Access.

Shifting the
Balance Initiatives


SBC has a very broad scope and is part of many other areas of policy development which are focused on changing the way health and social care is delivered in Scotland.

Other Scottish Initiatives


Resource and information which will help those involved in shifting the balance of care to use an evidence-based approach in developing their local plans.

Evidence &
Good Practice

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