Improvement Framework

The publication of Better Health, Better Care and single outcome agreements means that there needs to be more significant, more visible and better-coordinated improvements in relation to SBC. We have adopted the independent Strategic Policy Analysis Collaborative (SPACE) process in order identify changes which, if implemented by organisations across Scotland, will have the biggest effect on what, how, where and by whom care is delivered to shift the balance of care.

On 17 July 2009, the Shifting the Balance of Care Improvement Framework [274Kb] was issued to CEs of Health Boards. As part of this, eight broad complex SBC impact areas have been identified as key to the delivery of national and local outcomes and targets and likely to make the biggest improvements in health and wellbeing, providing the basis for the framework for Health Boards, CHPs, Local Authorities and other care giving bodies on which to focus, while enabling partners to agree local priorities for SBC. The eight areas are:

Within each area a number of specific, evidence based improvements have been identified. These take into account the current range of high impact changes that have been developed over the past few years (e.g. Long Term Conditions) – most of which have improvement in the balance of care at their core.