SBC is an evolutionary process with no fixed end point. Services and care must continually adapt to the changing needs and aspirations of individuals and their families. This requires careful service redesign with the full involvement of patients, users, carers, professionals and staff to ensure that services, care and support are fit for purpose. And most importantly, it requires effective workforce planning and the better use of facilities and information systems as well as new developments.

SBC is not a new idea. The need to adopt this approach to service planning and delivery, based on outcomes and care pathways, has been ongoing for some time. A variety of changes to practice have been made in different areas in response to local need and a number of national initiatives have been undertaken in order to support the agenda across Scotland.

Some involve the incorporation of SBC principles into specific workstreams established by other areas of the Scottish Government or a particular national organisation, others have been established as a SBC initiative in response to gaps identified by the SBC Delivery Group: