Long-Term Conditions

The Chief Medical Officer launched the Scottish Government’s three-year Long Term Conditions Collaborative in April 2008. It’s a national improvement programme with three work streams (self management, condition management and complex case/care management) and seven of their own high impact changes.

  1. We empower people living with long term conditions, their carers and the Voluntary Sector to be full partners in planning, improving quality and enhancing the experience of care.
  2. We support people with long term conditions and their unpaid carers to be involved in person centred care planning.
  3. We commission peer support groups for people with long term conditions and their carers and provide relevant, accessible information.
  4. We train staff to have the right knowledge, skills and approach to long term conditions care.
  5. We provide better, local and faster access to services for long term conditions
  6. Strengthen the contribution of Managed Clinical/Care Networks (MCNs) to improving care for people with long term conditions.
  7. We have information systems that support registration, recall and review for people with multiple conditions and support data sharing across partners.

More information can be found on the Long Term Conditions Collaborative Shared Space.

These is a considerable amount of work ongoing in this area; some of which can be found at:

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